Internet Marketing

You're Losing Money By Not Using SEO


Websites are big business these days. There are many companies that depend on a great website to ensure the business is not only successful but stays afloat. Even for small mom and pop businesses, having a website can make the difference between success or closing shop. But if it’s hard to find your website, it won’t draw in any income. If you aren't aware of search engine optimization or SEO, you could be throwing money away.

Expert SEO

Optimizing your website means doing what you can to make it optimal for someone to find. For example, let's say you have a great seafood restaurant in Salt Lake City. There are plenty of good ones, but yours is award winning. If someone wants to find the award winning restaurants in Salt Lake City to take their guests, can they find yours? If you have hired a utah seo expert, they just might!

SEO and Google

So how does this SEO stuff work, you might ask. It might sound like magic to anyone who doesn't understand it, but it isn't magic, it's actually math. Google has algorithms that they use to decide which sites are the best for specific search terms. By following Google's rules for how they choose a good site, you can rank well and be seen. It is all about Google.


Beware of some SEO companies. The bad ones will try to work the system and cheat. The tactics they use just don’t work anymore and Google will eventually catch it. Avoid these guys as they will get your website penalized with Google which means you won’t rank on their system anymore. Make sure you or your SEO company works within the system and you will be rewarded.

In the end, the sites that follow Google's rules and SEO policies will find they are ranking higher in Google's search pages. That is, after all, what we all want. So spend money to make money and get yourself a great SEO expert to make your site Google friendly.

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