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Spiritual Meditation Pictures for Healing

Mystical Reflection
creates a personalized healing picture of you or a loved one in meditation or just being in a space of inner peace.

We use your photograph and place it in a beautiful mystical background that you can choose.

When you receive your custom-made spiritual meditation picture, you can use it to:


  • Strengthen your healing through visualization of your wholeness
  • Recall the awareness of your spiritual reality
  • Reconnect with the inner beauty of your soul
  • Illustrate an aspect of your inner nature that you would like to enhance such as:
    • an expanded heart,
    • an aura of light,
    • an illumined mind

You can place your personalized healing meditation picture:


On your desk at work:
In your home:
On your personal altar:


As you look at the picture of yourself in a spiritualized form, you can reinforce the reality of your true nature and your mystical experiences--those you have had and those you aspire to.

When your light becomes tangible, when you are aware of an inner sense of wholeness--these are the moments you can recall with your healing meditation pictures.






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